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Introduction to Bodgit N Bodgit

Bodgit N Bodgit was created as a social fun guild for a few friends who played multiple MMORPG games to show their connection in game. Once it was created, people liked the name and asked to join, so we decided to make it an open guild, where anyone was welcome with only one rule.
  1. Don't disrespect other guilds
We know how it feels to have some other guilds complain about one of your members, but we refuse to stoop down to that level, we just want to have fun in the game.

Want to become a member of Bodgit N Bodgit?

Easy, just go to the top of the Homepage and click the Join Bodgit N Bodgit button, do the very short application form so we can know a little bit about you, send a message in game to any Guild Member who will then be able to send a Guild Invite.

If you can't see any Bodgit N Bodgit Guild members in your area, Feel free to send a message to a Roster Member for an invite.

Guild Stats (External sites)

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